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Christina Hollis on Book Release Blog Tours and a Giveaway!

Yay! At long last! We have Christina Hollis at Romance Book Paradise!

And she's talking on Book Release Promotions and also has a giveaway for you!

But before we give over to her...a reminder! My Blog's sidebars on both sides have links to follow Tracy Sumner and Nina Jade Singer! Please follow on and comment on the blogs to go in mega draws! Tracy is giving away a KINDLE and Nina has a $100.00 Amazon Gift Certificate. As well as BOOKS to give away on all the stops!

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So over to Christina now....

Blogging is a useful part of a writer’s promotional mix. The internet audience is worldwide, and whatever time of the day or night, there’s always somebody on line somewhere. Unlike High Street book stores, it never closes. Writers love to hear from their readers, and blogging is a great way to keep in touch. You write a piece you hope will interest, entertain and maybe excite people, then post it online with some eye-catching illustrations. The usual advice to write about what you know is perfect for blogging. An update about your work in progress is a great way to keep your readers informed. Knowing you have an audience waiting for the next installment  of your struggle to get those words in the right order is a great incentive to update, too!
            The only downside of blogging exclusively on your own site is that you tend to be preaching to the converted. People like your writing, so they drop by to say hello. A blog tour takes this to the next level. You become a guest blogger on other people’s sites, offering your words and maybe a giveaway or two in exchange for being introduced to a whole new audience. This too has its problems. There are so many calls on a writer’s time, whether work-related or domestic, setting up a blog tour can seem a daunting task. It’s one thing to write the blogs, but organizing everything and keeping all the records up to date is something that has to be taken very seriously.
            I’m currently doing a blog tour to publicise my latest release for Harlequin Mills and Boon. Weight of the Crown is a Modern Romance, and I love it so much I want to bring it to the attention of as many people as possible. That’s why I was so pleased to hand all the work over to Romance Book Paradise Promotions.  Nas has done a terrific job in sorting out sites for me to visit, keeping a detailed spreadsheet of comments logged and prize winners and liaising with the website owners. It’s taken a real weight off my shoulders. All I’ve had to do is find out what form the site would like my blog to take. They may have an interview in mind, a list of questions they want answered, or subjects they want covered. If there’s nothing specified, then I use my imagination. On Sunday 13th November, my blog o Totes Bags 'n' Blogs centred on how to spend evenings on the run up to the holiday season. Here in the UK it’s dark by teatime, so there’s plenty of time for crafting, and writing too. We were snowed in here last winter, which was when I wrote the first draft of Weight of the Crown, so that tied in well with the subject of my blog. Once my piece was up on the site, I checked in regularly to answer any comments - for me that’s always the best bit of blogging. With the dedicated page Nas set up for Weight of the Crown, Christina Hollis- Author Page this was easy to do. The page appeared on my Top Sites page, which comes up each time I switch on my computer.  All I needed to do then was click on the sidebar listing the relevant date and venue of my tour, and I was taken straight to that day’s blog.
            My first blog tour has been a great experience, and the benefits of letting Nas organize everything have been obvious from the start. All I’ve had to do is write, and that suits me perfectly!
            What sort of blog posts do you like to read? There’s a signed copy of a book from my backlist on offer for a comment picked at random.
Oh, thank you Christina for all your kind words.  
Christina Hollis writes Modern Romance for Harlequin Mills and Boon Ltd, which appear as Harlequin Presents/Extra in the US. Her website is, and when she isn’t on tour she blogs at

Readers can find her all these other places on the web:
Website             Twitter        Facebook        Blog     Tumbler

  Weight of the Crown

Now duty is his only mistress


For notorious playboy Prince Lysander Kahani, playtime is over… Left with a country to run, he draws the line at playing nanny to his orphaned nephew!

Instead he sends for a professional. But one glance at buttoned-up Alyssa Dene and Lysander’s wicked side re-emerges! Wary of Lysander’s scandalous reputation, Alyssa tries to keep her distance, but Lysander draws her like a moth to a flame.

Lysander is fighting a battle between public duty and private desire but Lysander is determined to make Alyssa a royal offer she won’t refuse…

If you'd like to browse the Weight of the Crown, please check my sidebar!

Buy links for Weight Of The Crown.

Amazon       Amazon UK            Mills & Boon           Mills and Boon Aust


  1. Hi Christina, I totally agree about blogging being a good way to connect with readers. I like to read about interests or any special research the author did while writing their book, but sometimes it's fun to read about something totally random too. Maybe a post about choosing & decorating a Christmas tree or about the antics of a pet.

    Personally, I'm not keen on excerpts but will follow a link if sufficiently interested. I'd be interested to hear what others think about excerpts in a guest blog post.

  2. Hi Christina,

    I loke to read about what a writer does when she's not reading or writing!

    As Shelley above says, if I come across a good excerpt I'll read, otherwise skim over it. But I will read almost any genre of a book.

    The reason for me not reading an excerpt is- I won't be able to reach the end at the site!

  3. I had no idea you coordinated blog tours :files info away for future ref:

    Congrats on the release Christina.

    As to what sort of blog posts I like, hmm, as a writer aspiring to publish, I am often asking myself the same thing. I enjoy "slice of life" posts. I enjoy craft related posts. I enjoy that glimpse of what my favorite authors are reading.

  4. Hi Shelley, thank you so much for coming along!

    Hi there, RR! Thanks for your input :))

    Hello Raelyn! I have a page on top, Why Book A Virtual Blog Tour....all the info there!

  5. Nice to see Christina Hollis again.

    So true, blog tours are preaching to the converted if it's just on your blog. Good luck!

  6. Hi Christina. I like reading reviews on books, progress on an author's WIP, well okay pretty much anything. LOL.

    Didn't know you set up the blog tours Nas. May have to check that out.

  7. I'll be contrarian and admit I enjoy reading excerpts. They give me a taste of a particular writer's style, which is important to me. While I can "get over" a style which doesn't thrill me, if the story and characters are strong enough, sometimes it's nice to have the whole package.

  8. Great post, Nas. Christina, it is lovely to meet you. Blog tours are as important to writers as apples are to apple pie. And they take a long time to set up. It's wonderful that Nas is so great at doing them.


  9. Hi Shelley, I love those random blogs, too. Writing is a great job and an even better hobby, but sometimes it's good to have a change.

  10. Hi, Romance Reader - it's interesting to hear what you have to say about excerpts. Lots of people have told me the same thing, which is why I no longer post as many excerpts as I once did.

  11. Hi Raelyn, 'slice of life' blogs are getting a big vote! Thanks for commenting.

  12. Hi Nas, thanks for hosting me here today, and all the work you've put in to make my first blog tour such a success.

  13. Hi, Theresa. Thanks for your kind words and good wishes!

  14. Hi, Domma, thanks for commenting. I can recommend Nas' blog tours.

  15. Hi LP, thanks for commenting. That's interesting - maybe short, telling extracts is the way to go. That would leave room for more on 'off duty' subjects.

  16. Hi Robyn, it's the details that matter, like the web page, which is so useful.

  17. I like to meet new authors & established. I love back stories & thoughts behind the works.


  18. Hi Marybelle, thanks for commenting. The work that goes on behind the scenes is often a story in itself!

  19. Hi Christina!

    Great post, and I totally agree. Blogging has helped me meet so many people and connect with loads of readers. I can't say enough good things about it!

  20. Hi Talli, thanks for commenting. Blogging's a great way to keep in touch - the whole (online) world is open to us, and there are no worries about time zones!

  21. What a fabulous blog tour and giveaway. I agree that blogging is a super way connect with readers and other writers. Of course, the best part is that those connections can happen 24/7.

    Congratulations on the Weight of the Crown.

  22. When I visit author sites, I don't mind what they talk about. It's just great to be able to connect with them in some way.

    And yes, Nas does a brilliant job. :)

  23. Congrats on the new release, Nina.

    Connecting with other writers is a great resource ... then later with readers. Blogging is one of the best tools for us. I think. :)

  24. Thank you, Clee. I've met so many lovely people on my blog tour!

  25. Hi, Lynda, thanks for commenting. Making connections is important for writers who work alone for much of the time. It's so lovely to hear from readers!

  26. Yes, blog tours do sound like a ton of work. How great that Nas could take the weight off your shoulders!

  27. Hi Susan, thanks for commenting. It's all been worth it!

  28. Nice to meet you, Christina! The blog tours sound like fun(and work). :)

  29. Ooh, that sounds like a great read! Hope you have a fun blog tour!

  30. Hi Lydia, thanks for dropping by. Yes, the blog tour has been great fun!

  31. Hi Deniz, thanks for commenting. I'm having a great time, especially when I saw this review of 'Weight of the Crown'...

  32. Dare I say that I like shorter blogs? I don't like to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll down the page; on the other hand, I prefer more than one paragraph. I know; I know; I'm fussy. What can I say....
    That being said, I must say that I like the blurb for WEIGHT OF THE CROWN (even though authors don't write the blurbs). I recall feeling like the heroine in this story, whereby the hero "draws her like a moth to a flame". Been there, done that, and like the Black-Eyed Peas say, "I've got a feeling" (or had a feeling, LOL).

  33. Hi Laney, thanks for commenting. It's fantastic when you look at someone and think 'they're the one...' isn't it?

  34. Great information, Christina! Nas is also doing my blog tour -- and it's been a wonderful way to connect with readers so far! Blogging is a plan for the very near future, too.

    Good luck!

    Tracy Sumner

  35. Hi, Tracy, thanks for your good wishes.
    Best of luck for your own blog tour!

  36. Hi Christina and Nas, I think these blog tours that Nas organises are a great idea. As a reader and aspiring author I have found them a great way of finding new, interesting blogs as well as finding out more about individual authors. I love to read craft posts, about how authors work, their inspiration for books etc. and it's great to get a little peep into their lives too. Following a blog tour give a nice mix. And I love reading everyone else's comments and questions!

  37. Hi Susie, thanks for commenting. I love to read about what authors are getting up to as well! Reading comments from other readers and writers is a lovely way to keep in touch, too.

  38. Its great to meet Christina! Best wishes to her and her books Weight of the Crown.

  39. Hi Stephen, thanks for your kind words. Have a great weekend!

  40. I like both covers, but I prefer the first one in blue.

    Earlier this year I was featured on other blogs and the exposure was more far-reaching than if I had stayed on my own blog.

    It was nice seeing Christina again.

  41. Thanks for commenting, Medeia, I agree - I like both covers, but think the colour of the UK version is lovely. Have a great weekend.

  42. Hi Friends!

    Thank you for visiting and commenting!

    I would also like to thank the lovely author Christina Hollis for taking time out from her hectic schedule and chatting with us here.

    And now let's see who Christina chooses as the winner...

  43. Thanks to everyone who posted a comment. Cleemckenzie was the first name out of the lucky dip! Congratulations, and if you let Nas have your snail mail address, Clee, I'll send you your signed book.

  44. Congratulations Clee! Contact Christina for your win!

    Thank you to all my friends for coming along!

  45. Whoopie! I love winning and I love winning wonderful books the most of all!

    Thank you both.